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Free Digital is a campaign to promote youth equality in cyberspace so Digital Teens can have digital lives. We were founded in 2012, bringing together a number of youth campaigning and employment initiatives into one. Amid huge attacks on youth rights because of a media frenzy over ‘Internet trolling,’ the Free Digital Project aims to put the record straight by giving young people, especially those with disabilities, the chance to prove they can make a worthwhile contribution to society, on their terms.

Because of their digital lives, today’s young people are likely to know more than teachers, understand as much as politicians, and want to be individuals rather than to ‘fit in.’ The world as it stands therefore needs to change, and this website aims to be the voice for youth during this change, so Digital Teens can enjoy their digital lives without interruption from those who lack their abilities.

Free Digital stands for Freedom for Digital Teens from:

Since 2006 the project has in its various guises given young and disabled people work experience in areas of interest to them, where use of technology is a core factor. Young people today with digital lives know they are cleverer than previous generations who did not have access to digital technologies, who were forced to believe whatever teachers, journalists and politicians told them as they had no way of knowing the truth otherwise.

Today’s young people have the Internet, and know how to find the truth – their truth. If teachers, leaders and losers want today’s teens to change their mind these pretenders will have to learn the art of persuasion and ditch the practice of coercion. Unless older people start having digital lives also, they shouldn’t expect Digital Teens to respect them the way they might have years ago. The Free Digital Project gives these young and disabled people the work opportunities to prove this to be true, rather than be left behind because others do not understand them.

The Free Digital Campaign. Ty Morgannwg, PO Box 674, Swansea, SA1 9NN.
Telephone: 0845 4786390. Email: info@freedigital.org.uk.